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and then another one in six months. >>> a campbell couple had its plan all ready to go. little soleil valentina murphy was born tuesday in the family car. her parents planned the natural, drug-free birth and wanted to wait at home as long as possible before going to the hospital. but they waited just a bit too long. they had to pull over and dad tliferred. >> i don't know what i would have done in a situation where somebody is in that much pain and i'm trying to help them. so my husband is awesome. i couldn't ask for a better partner. >> you want to give her a kiss? come over here and give her a kiss. >> little soleil looks great. mom and dad looks great. she'll be back home with her 2 1/2-year-old big brother. >>> around here, energy and technology is not a problem. developing in third world countries, many clinics don't have reliable energy making a doctor's job more difficult. but, now, a berkley physician is changing that. >> reporter: in 2008, ob-gyn doctor traveled from berk, ley to avenue ri can. >> welcome to the world, little one. >> this video she shot just minutes after birth. the lo
down to the south bay. showers now on the way to campbell in about 50 minutes. you're about 45 minutes away from your first shower, steady rain on the way to santa cruz. we'll continue to track those, pinpoint those showers every 15 minutes when we meet back here. widespread on and off showers through noon, partial clearing noon to 5:00. we will see windy conditions develop as we head throughout the second half of the day. you can actually see that here clearly on your futurecast between 5:00 and 11:00, those winds pick up. colors pop. yellows and oranges, yep, that means we'll see breezy to windy conditions mostly at the coast of higher elevations. show you when the rain lets up and what to expect this weekend just around the corner now. looking pretty good. we'll show you exactly how good. first let's check your drive, see how we're faring on the roads. >> you had me look to the weekend. now about 15 minutes, you'll get hit with that rain. watch the south bay. look over here toward oakland. seeing also the effects of the rain. kind of dark. little glow from the lights. wet conditions
? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. >>> we are back with living proof of what appears to be an incredible coincidence. one elementary school where an unusual number of kids come in pairs. so why this one school in this one town in tennessee? kiran chetry went there for us looking for answers. >> i'm hane. >> i'm lane. >> i'm bobby. >> i'm johnny. >> i'm tyler. >> timmy. >> i'm laura. >> i'm eddie. >> kiley. >> abby. >> reed. >> sawyer. >> samantha. >> ashley. >> autumn. >> harris. >> emma. >> jack. >> tina. >> lacy. >> mandy. >> reporter: welcome to castle heights elementary school in lebanon, tennessee. home to 611 students and 15 sets of twins. >> this morning we have a set of our third grade twins going to say our pledges. >> i pledge of allegiance to the flag -- >> what's going on? what's in the water in lebanon? just a coincidence. >> it's unbelievable. puts us on the map. ♪ i'm going down to lebanon ♪ tennessee >> reporter: this tennessee town has no particular claim to fame until t
. >> it is st. patrick's day. you have to do what you have to do. when i left campbell, people were still celebrating this morning. take it easy on the rhodes. 4:47 now. take you outside. temperatures aren't that frigid to start. we are going to see a nice day. the rain moves in tomorrow. anything outdoors that may get damaged, if it gets wet, you want to bring that in today. don't thichb about washing your car. let mother nature do it for you. we are going to see enough rainfall. everybody is going to get a quarter of an inch, a half inch. 46 degrees for san jose to start, 41 down in gilroy. as we head throughout the day, we are going to see a little bit of this patchy fog. our atmosphere is getting mixed up by these winds. if we see any, it will be in the north bay and at the coast. high and mid-level clouds start to increase by noon. by 5:00 p.m., we are mostly cloudy. we are holding off on the rain. the showers will start to push in the north bay. they will start to spread to the south. expect a pretty rough commute home. widespread rainfall expected over the greater bay area. one day
. >>> a campbell couple had its birth plan all ready but it didn't include delivering a baby girl in the car. little solay was born tuesday in the family car on el ka minnow real in palto alto. her parents planned a natural birth and wanted to wait at home as long as possible before going to the hospital. baby had another plan. they had to pull over and dad delivered. >> my husband's a rock star. i couldn't -- i don't know what i would have done in a situation where somebody's in that much pain next to me and i'm trying to essentially get them care. so my husband is awesome. i couldn't ask for a better partner and, in this case, ob. >> you want to give her a kiss? >> everyone is doing fine. mom and dad are back at home with the baby and her 2 1/2-year-old big brother. we make all the plans we want but they're the boss. much more ahead. coming up, the madness continues in san jose as thousands flock to hp pavilion to watch the golden bears take on syracuse. what the players are saying about that this morning coming up. >> good morning. there's lots to do today in the bay. can you believe it's
departments from san mateo, palo alto, east palo all toe, mountainview, sunnyvale, campbell, los gatos and fremont. >> i like that you called it social media all along. >> up and close to see how they do it. >> they do a lot out there. we thank them for that. 6:34. we want to check the forecast with meteorologist, christina loren. >> first full weekend of spring. it shows how we followed them. we are always listening to all the chatter on the scanners as the news group. we have a great-looking weekend shaping up. windy conditions, old glory getting a little pick-up here from the wind. i want to take you to your readings and show you, as you can see right now, calm winds in san francisco. in the higher elevations where you lack that friction, you get a lot more movement. that's why the flag is plblowin around. i want to thank you for waking up with us each and every day, specially on a friday, a get-away friday. looking good. turning windy. this weekend, perfect conditions to head outdoors. i will time that out to you for a tee in my next report. stay tuned. 78, inland, 68 bayside at th
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: mike campbell also lived on the same block as jason brown at the time, and the two were friends. he told the fbi jason owned all the toys a boy could want. >> a bmw. cadillac escalade. he had a jeep rubicon. a special edition boat. two quads. yamaha crotch rocket. and two dirt bikes. >> a lot of motors in one man's garage. >> correct. >> was he a player? >> he had that playboy mentality. i mean, from day one to the end it was, you know, money, money, money, money, money. hey, let's go out. you know, to the clubs and everything. he always paid for it. >> reporter: six months later brown abruptly moved out. he told friends a family member was ill in california. that was it. until a year later, two weeks before the shooting, when jason brown called ellen robinson and took her up on a standing offer to visit. brown proved to be a considerate houseguest during the ten days he stayed in robinson's spare room. >> he'd leave for the day as if he were going to work. and i remember one day i asked him, are you eating breakfast? get a bagel or something before you leave. and he said no, no, th
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'm meteorologist christina loren. taking a live look at campbell. camera shaking a little bit here near the water tower. i wanted to point out how clear it has become over the past hour. that's because of the those building winds. they'll continue to build throughout the day today. 67 for livermore. 67 in gilroy and 61 in beautiful san francisco. full sunshine today and a warm-up as we get into the all-important weekend. let's check your drive. >> equally clear view of the city and the traffic. north 880 past the coliseum, look at the map. it is jammed up. there's a crash that is on the southbound side of 880. things were tied up. four lanes for a time blocked. things starting to clear. both directions slow for 880. south 880 getting through fremont, it's bogged down by a new crash south of mission. look how slow it is. that's a live look. it's jammed past tesla. >> thank you very much. another local news update for you in half an hour. hope you enjoy what looks like a nice day out there. [ mom ] dear chex cereal, i just had to write. you can't imagine how long i've been searching for something l
jose areas like campbell as we head the next 30, 40 minutes. about 58 minutes away from parkmoor. these showers will continue. residual shower tomorrow morning. lots of sunshine to follow friday through the weekend. forecast. >> dylan, thank you so much. >>> there is new fallout tied to the rape convictions of two high school football players in ohio. two teenage girls are accused of posting online threats against the young victim. nbc's ron allen is in steubenville for us. ron, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. during the trial we learned that while the victim certainly has a lot of sympathy and support in this community, friends have turned against her, others have blamed her for bringing a lot of unwanted attention to this community, negative attention. now we know she's also faced a death threat. two teenaged girls being escorted into court, their faces off camera because they're just 16 and 15. the two accused of sending threatening twitter messages to a rape victim whose case upended this small ohio community. >> the state's position is that they be
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